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5 Cent Drive

OUR  Term 4 2022 - 5c DRIVE was a huge success!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Winner’s of our 5c Challenge!

Class parties are coming your way.

Some of our students have been using all their senses and saving their 5 cents all year long ready for the challenge.  Watch clip for drum roll cheering and announcement.  Such amazing school spirit!

1st place 3W raised $123.35

2nd place 1/2H raised $82.75

3rd place 1T raised $77.45

That is a LOT of 5c hand counted!

Danelle our illustrious and industrious Canteen Coordinator,

Mrs Borra - Community Garden Liaison and myself

(chief 5c counter this year) we’re thrilled and overwhelmed by

your dedication and contributions.

TOTAL amount raised by all classes towards our BPS Community

Garden a whopping $736.30 in only 5 weeks.

Thank you all for supporting our Annual 5c (and other cents)


Bilambil P&C

Funds raised go toward our amazing Community Garden Project set to start its groundworks in 2022.

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