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Our Recent Projects

Canteen upgrades

The P&C has run the canteen with paid and volunteer staff for many years. The canteen had an upgrade of electrical equipment and storage to enable the staff to remain compliant with the changes in legislation to the safe handling of foods. New fridges and coffee machine were purchased with extra storage and an upgrade of security.

Wifi Upgrade to the school hall

The School hall has become a fantastic learning space for many teachers over the years with the introduction of the data projector and a school upgrade of the sound equipment. However the limitation of the schools Wifi to thew hall became the link in the educational chain.

The P & C was able to fundraise and upgrade the hall to receive the schools Wifi signal in 2019. 

Year 6 courtyard upgrades

During 2020 the P & C undertook renovations and upgraded the court yard out side the year 5-6 classrooms to be an educational oasis with shade cloth and has become an area to do group work and for peers to interact outside the classroom.

Library upgrade assistance

The P & C has assisted with the refurbishment of the Library and the furniture. The library is an integral learning environment where students can develop researching techniques and group work under supervision. The Library furniture need to be upgraded to allow students to safely use this space.

Netball Court

The P&C bought some netball posts and pads for the oval to give another area to play as well as the basketball court and this has been a huge success.

School Marquee's

The P&C recently purchased two amazing marquees used at the Athletics carnival. With their fantastic logos and bright canopy they certainly make our school stand out and provide much needed shade at our events!

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