Mango Season

Mango Madness!


One of Bilambil Public School's P&C best fundraisers is The Mango Fundraiser.


Once the weather warms up towards the end of the year the delicious Mangoes from Sunny Queensland's

Bowen Mango Farm are ripe for the picking.


Order Forms are usually sent out towards the end of October, orders filled ready to collect during the first weeks of December, pending the season's crop.  The 2021 half size trays hold around 8-10 mangoes in each box. 

Look out for the '2022 Mango Form' during October 2022.  When you support a P&C event or fundraiser all funds go

directly to supporting the students, families and school community with resources and opportunities to better our school environment.

This is a fantastic way to support the P&C and have a delicious mango just in time for Christmas.

[Please see below a sample form from 2021]

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 1.04.12 pm.png