Monday:         Recess & lunch                      

                        Monday is Sushi day!

Wednesday:   Recess & lunch

Thursday:       Recess & Lunch

Friday:            Recess & lunch




Monday       8.35 - 8.55am

Wednesday 8.35 - 8.55am

Friday          8.35 - 8.55am




Our school canteen welcomes volunteers for every aspect of canteen.  This is a very fun and relaxed day you can chat to the students. Your kids especially love seeing mums, dads and grandparents during the day working in the canteen. 

If you are able to help with Breakfast club at 8:30am or drop the kids and help with recess and or lunch it is a huge help. 


Please pop in and see Danelle for a chat on how you could help out in our school canteen.  Even one day per week or month is a big help and earns you "P & C Dollars"



The canteen, at the moment is not serving any eggs, fish products or nuts and seeds (traces might be contained in some food pre packaged as per their ingredients listed) 

You are supporting the Bilambil P&C when you purchase from the canteen.  This money goes back into our school in lots of different ways to benefit our children.  Thank you for supporting the Bilambil P&C.