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Monday:         Recess & lunch                      

CLOSED TUESDAY                

Wednesday:   Recess & lunch

Thursday:        Recess & Lunch ~ SUSHI DAY!

Friday:             Recess & lunch

Please note: Due to our current situation Our BREAKFAST CLUB is only open when extra Volunteers are available.



Our school canteen welcomes volunteers!  The only way we can run a successful Canteen is with the help of our valued volunteers.  This is a great opportunity to connect with your school community and our students especially love seeing mums, dads and grandparents during the day working in the canteen. 

If you are able to help with Breakfast club at 8:30am or drop the kids and help with recess and or lunch it is a huge help. 


Please email or contact the P&C via Messenger or contact The canteen Coordinator via email to discuss how you could help out in our school canteen.  Even one day per week or month is a big help and earns you "P&C Dollars".



If your child/ren have special food requirements or allergies please contact the Canteen Coordinator to discuss our menu options so we can make sure we have Gluten Free / Vegan or other alternatives made available.

For all Canteen enquiries please email


You are supporting the Bilambil P&C when you purchase from the canteen.  All funds raised by our Canteen go towards initiatives, resources and events that contribute to a better learning environment for students and our school community.  Thank you!




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