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P&C Dollar Incentive Scheme 


As away of thank you and in recognition of our volunteers time and efforts in supporting the P&C and the Bilambil Public School each volunteer is entitled to earn One ($1) P&C dollar for each hour (or part thereof) of your time spent volunteering to help raise funds for the school. Points can be redeemed in the canteen, uniform shop or other P&C sanctioned fundraiser. 




- Earn $1/hour (or part thereof) for assisting the P&C in any event aimed to raise funds to go to the school (eg. uniform shop, banking, book club, canteen, athletics carnival, mothers/fathers days stall etc). 

- Please ensure the P&C dollars sign on sheet is completed in full at the end of each shift. 

- P&C Dollars can be earned by any volunteer that has family attending the school and is not receiving remuneration in any other form (eg. they can not be redeemed if you are receipt of wages/salary or are completing this as part of training or as a government requirement). 

- Due to WHS guidelines all volunteers must take a ½ hour lunch break if working greater than 5hrs. 

- Authorized Persons: refers to P&C President, P&C Vice President, Canteen Manager and Uniform shop manager 

- Due to privacy - only authorized persons are to view, amend or complete the P&C Dollars register for another person, exception is if you are processing a lunch order or uniform shop purchase that is utilising P&C dollars. 

- Expiration: All points for the previous year will expire on the eve of the AGM.

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